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I've changed the feed links at the top to feedburner feeds so I can track statistics on how many people are subscribing to my site.  The old feeds are still present and updated (and indeed they are the origin for the feedburner feed) you don't have to do anything if you're already subscribed.

Also, I've changed the comments feed to Atom format, as the old RSS one was causing quite a few validation errors which meant some readers had trouble with it.  You may get a load of old comments appearing as new in your readers at first, but that should go away once they've caught up.  Sorry about that.

Blog update

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I've done a bit of much needed housekeeping on my blog.  The changes are as follows...

  1. I've added a comments RSS feed.  The link is in the sidebar to the right, just below the blog feed.  Movable Type's template system is rather nice for authoring this kind of thing easily.  Credit to Emiliano Bruni who posted up some code to do the job.
  2. I've brightened up the look - might do this again soon as I'm not totally in love with it.
  3. After much moaning, I've fixed the name of one of my regular commenters!

Movable Type

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I've decided to change my blog software from Wordpress to Movable Type.  The main reason for this is that I was finding my blog to be running rather slowly.  Wordpress regenerates every page view from the database, whereas Movable Type generates static HTML pages when anything is published (be it a post, comment, etc) which should make things a lot snappier.

I've imported everything from my old blog (a surprisingly easy process), and put in a redirect on the server to the new page.  This will mean however that people will need to change their RSS/Atom feeds to point at the new system.  It also means my facebook profile has reimported all the posts, but that's not really a major problem.

I’m back!

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After far too long, I've decided to start writing on my blog again. So, I hear you ask, what has happened in the meantime? Well, the big stuff first. I got married (absolutely amazing day), had a lovely honeymoon with Katherine, found out we're going to have a baby, and got a new job in Guildford which I start in just over a week (I'll divulge exactly where at the time). Married life has been just great so far and we're both really excited that we're bringing a new life into existence. Other than that? Bought a new PC (finally!), played the Orange Box to death (superb stuff, especially Portal), watched the entire of Lost Season 3 (great stuff, but a frustrating ending) and we're in the process of working out how we're gonna decorate the house. I shall hopefully be back to a more fequent blog update schedule!


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I haven't posted much here lately. I haven't forgotten about my blog - this is mainly because I've spent most of my time over the past few weeks arranging, sorting and making stuff for the wedding. We decided to make as much stuff ourselves as possible, partly because it's cheaper, but mostly because it makes the whole thing more personal. I'm getting married this Friday and on honeymoon after that, so normal service should be resumed in September! Wish us luck!!!

Catch Up

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I've not written for a while, so I thought I'd better update everyone on what's going on. I started my new job at The Creative Assembly last week and it's going well, though I'm really not used to getting up at 7am for five days a week. I shall be starting a new section on programming on this site soon. It will cover anything that interests me, from web coding through C++ design to hardcore assembler optimisation. It'll partly serve as a reference for myself for anything cool I discover, but hopefully others will make use of it too. It'll be separate from my main blog to keep this from turning into yet another tech blog, but I'll post about new articles when they are uploaded. Anyway, normal service should be resumed!

Image Gallery

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I've recently been writing an image gallery for my site. It's still in the prototype stage, but I thought I'd let you guys have a sneak peek. As far as I can tell, it works perfectly in FireFox and Opera, IE7 nearly gets it right and IE6 makes a total hash of it (these browsers were all tested in XP SP2). There's still quite a bit of work left for me to do before it becomes production code. I'm really against the idea of putting lots of "if IE, DoThis, else DoSomethingElse" type code in there, so I need to find generic solutions to the IE problems if possible. Comments and suggestions welcome, particularly from those using other browsers and operating systems. EDIT: Made both IE browsers work better without doing anything other than changing the CSS slightly (fixed it to work with IE's overflow: hidden + position: relative bug). IE7's only problem now is that it scrolls too far to the left which means style.offsetLeft is being interpreted differently to the other browsers. IE6 also does this and doesn't like the transparent background behind the arrows (displays as black). As IE6 doesn't support PNGs with alpha channels, I'll try to figure out how to make the background white instead.

What’s it all about?

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No. I'm not going to attempt to answer the existential question in it's general sense. More specifically - What is this blog about? Some blogs I've looked at are rather boring and the average post goes something like this...
Today I awoke a little late. Had to rush to get ready. To make matters worse, I'd left my bicycle at work last Friday so I had to walk to work.
I ate a simple breakfast of Rice Krispies with milk with a glass of orange juice. Spilt some milk on the table, so lost even more time wiping it up. Grrr!
Arrived at work out of breath...
Suffice to say, I'm not going to post every little detail about my life. So what will I post? I definitely won't post about certain things.
  • Working in the games industry. It's a legal minefield and a potentially job threatening practice I'll leave to braver (or more foolhardy) souls. For the same reason I won't review anything published by EA.
  • Anything about my family or friends, unless they've given me specific permission.
So, what's left for me to post about?
  • Rants/Gushing about annoying/cool things that happen to me.
  • Reviews of books, movies, TV, games (except those published by EA), etc.
  • Comment on current affairs, both technical and general (I may be worried about pissing work off, but I've no fear about commenting on politics, religion, etc).
And anything else I can think of that may be of interest to others. I also maintain the perogative to change these rules at any point on a whim if I feel like it... ;-)

Hello world!

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Welcome to my musings. I'm gonna use this page to pour out any random stuff that comes into my head. I'm using WordPress for now (recommended by OJ), but I might get round to writing my own software later so I can make it fit in nicer with the rest of the site. Enjoy!

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