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Last night I went to my fiancée's office Christmas night out at the Comedy Store in London. I hate London, but I'd already agreed to go. I had to leave work an hour early to get on the rammed train to Waterloo, then put up with the awful tube system. It's unbelievable how a transport system has been designed to make people feel completely oppressed. I hate the stupid signs on the escalators telling people to stand on the right (without even a please) just so people with no consideration for others can rush their way onto an already packed platform - just possibly saving themselves a whole three minutes given how regular the tube trains are. I hate the stupid - oh so clever - adverts all the way down the escalators too. I hate the fact that nearly every other advert is for some theatre production. It makes it look as though Londoners spend their entire lives taking the tube from one theatre to another. I hate the fact that once in London for a night out, you're constantly clock watching and never feel totally relaxed because you have to make sure you catch the last train back home. I hate sitting on a train to London or on a tube, listening to all the arrogant self obsessed locals talking about themselves on their phones or to each other. For some reason, people from London seem to have a different mindset to anyone else in the country, almost like they believe their city is the only place on Earth worth living in (similar to how a lot of Americans believe that they live in the only decent country in the world). Of course, I'm just making broad generalisations here... Nevertheless, we arrived at The Comedy Store and had a cracking night. It was an improvisation night in a similar style to "Whose Line is is Anyway" where the audience suggested situations and they acted them out. Such delights as the "Man who polishes blue Smarties with steel wool for the international ninja vigilantes" and the musical about a badger who helped the pixies in their war against the elves. The only problem with The Comedy Store was the mediocre food (and no tables to eat it off) and the extortionate drinks prices. £3.40 for a pint is just silly. Thankfully, I wasn't paying for it... Overall a great night.

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