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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy novels are much loved by many, and now there is a sixth book in the "trilogy" written by Eoin Colfer titled "And Another Thing...".

I'd never read any of Colfer's works before - presumably because they're aimed at teenagers and I generally avoid such works. I lie of course, as I've read all of the Harry Potter and the Keys to the Kingdom series, but I digress.

The new H2G2 novel takes place directly after Mostly Harmless and follows the characters escaping a doomed Earth (again) and generally being chased around the universe by the Vogons, who are hell bent on destroying every single human. Overall, I quite liked it - it didn't seem quite as inventive or inspired as Douglas Adam's works in places, and somehow "feels" different, but the story works well and the laughs are certainly there (much to my wife's annoyance when I was chortling away reading in bed while she tried to sleep). To criticise too much on minor style issues would be unfair to Colfer though, given the ridiculously high expectations placed upon this book. However, I feel the novel ended a little lazily, performing the vastly overused trick of setting up a definite sequel in the last chapters, rather than wrapping things up.

If you'd like to buy this book, please consider using this link and I'll recieve a tiny commission at no cost to you which will help pay for the hosting of this site. Thank you.

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