Torchwood: Children of Earth

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Children of Earth was a five episode mini-series forming the third season of Torchwood. It's good to see the new series try out the old Doctor Who's structure of a big story spread over several episodes and it never seemed to run out of steam.

As I've already stated on this blog, Torchwood started out as a very silly, but promising show. The second series really showed this potential off with some great episodes. I particularly liked the Owen focussed episodes after he "died". It's quite impressive how much the series has improved over a relatively small number of episodes.

Children of Earth felt a little too much like a Doctor Who episode, though perhaps this was to handhold the BBC 1 audience who may have not seen it before. It started out as yet another mass mind control episode and at the end I was half expecting the Doctor to turn up and sort out the mess (thankfully, he didn't, though Torchwood always has this lazy plot device as a "Get out of jail free" card available). However, there were some really chilling moments. There was a section where the cabinet are discussing how to choose the ten percent of children to give up to the 456. After initially thinking a random selection would be best, they eventually chose the completely selfish route of picking the attendees of the worst performing schools on the basis that they were "of less use to society". This came across to me as being scarily plausible.

One thing that's a little off putting about Torchwood is how few of the main cast are still alive. Jack of course can't die (at least not for a few billion years), but Gwen must be cacking herself at the moment, being the only other survivor. Martha Jones and Mickey transferred to Torchwood at the end of the last series of Doctor Who, but they did not appear in this mini-series (only Martha's absence was explained).

Lastly, another little thing I noticed last week is that the Torchwood hub is one of the fictional places you can search for on Google Maps!

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