Google G1 - A few weeks on

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I've had my G1 for a few weeks now. I first wrote about it just after I got it and now I've had some time to get used to it.

Also, it was recently updated to Android 1.5 and I've had a few days to play with the new features and UI improvements therein.

The Good

  • Google Sky Map - This is similar to the Google Sky website, except it uses the compass built into the phone to adjust the view in real time depending on where you point it. If you want to know where a particular star, planet, constellation, galaxy or other stellar object is, you simply search for it and it'll show you which direction to look in. Beautifully simple and wonderfully executed. It's also a cool thing to show off to people, especially jealous iPhone owners.
  • Video Recording - another thing the iPhone can't do. It works, but it's not particularly great quality. I haven't tried the integrated YouTube uploading, but then I don't upload videos to YouTube regardless.
  • UI Improvements in Android 1.5 - The contact and email updates are very welcome and certainly streamline things, making the phone that little bit more usable.

The Bad

  • Battery life - This phone chews through a battery charge quite quickly. At first I had auto sync turned on, but quickly turned it off when it ran the battery down from full charge overnight (it apparently checks email every five minutes, which is a bit excessive for a mobile device). Now I sync email manually, have wi-fi off and the screen brightness as low as it will go, though the battery still only lasts three days or so.
  • Contact syncing - This seems to be totally broken. I synced my contacts, thinking it would back them up online, but actually it deleted lots of contacts and reverted my phone's contact files to a much earlier state. Grrrr!!! That's the last time I do that!

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