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In the last few years I've given up a variety of things for Lent - chocolate, caffeine (which was really hard), and so on. I've been 100% successful in resisting temptation too, which is a small thing to be proud of. None of it has been for religious reasons, mostly just to see if I could last it out. This year I decided to try something different. I've lost a fair amount of weight in recent months, so giving up a food type wasn't really worth the bother, so I decided to go with a friend's suggestion of giving up facebook for forty days and forty nights.

Hopefully, it'll prove to be an interesting experiment. My current thinking is that in the end I'll have a few messages from people in the first few days, which will peter out as I won't be actively replying, posting or commenting on anything. I'll also get a few pokes from people I regularly swap pokes with (though I'm not expecting any new ones), and a few spam application and group invites spread throughout the period (which I almost universally block anyway). Hopefully I won't get any interesting event invites and miss out on a good party! I might possibly get one or two friend invites too. I guess I'll find out on 12th April. I'll post here with the results of the experiment.

Interestingly (to me), although I won't be logging into my account, I'll still have an influence on it. This blog post and any others I make in the fasting period will be imported into my profile, along with any Xbox Live achievements I gain in the meantime. It just goes to show how connected our online lives are these days.

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I've got my twitter hooked up to facebook and myspace. I don't think I could give up facebook for lent - it is so useful for keeping in touch (that and I have to use it for the party) :-)

I chose it because it'll be hard (and I hope no-one thinks I'm being rude by ignoring them). There's no point trying to test your willpower by giving up something that's easy to do without.

I've avoided Twitter so far as it just seems to be redundant when I've got my facebook status update (though not for the next 38� days of course) and my MSN status message.

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