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Portal TFV map pack

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I finished this fan made map pack for Portal last night and found it surprisingly good for an unofficial addon.  It's based upon the 2D flash Portal game by the same team.

It features some rather cunning (though more difficult) level design which makes you think beyond what the original game asks of you.  It's about as long as the original game too, so you certainly get your money's worth which isn't bad for a freebie.  It doesn't quite flow as well as the original game, with spikes in the difficulty here and there, though it's quite a feat to have produced such a high quality experience without Valve's resources.

Worth checking out if you have the PC version of this game.
...for me at least.  Looks like my wireless card (Abit Airpace PCIe) is finally getting native support. Woohoo!!!  No more flaky NDISWrapper.


I shall report on its effectiveness when I get the chance.

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