Who's the Daddy?

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I'm back in work after a couple of weeks' paternity leave and it's about time I updated my blog.  Paternity leave has been the quickest two weeks of my life I think.  Being a parent is hard work (even without the endless stream of family visitors) and time just flies by without you really noticing.

Anyway, onto the formal announcement...

Our son Isaac was born on 27th May weighing 7lb 7oz (just under 3.4 kilograms).

Thanks to all of you who have sent messages, cards and presents wishing us well.  There are some photos on Katherine's facebook - just one on mine.  I'll stick some more up when I get some time to myself at home in front of the PC!

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Man, I still don't like the fact that my URL is used for my "name" when I comment ;)

Anyhooo.. congrats again mate! Don't expect it to get any less busy :D

Your OpenID entry in my database looks like this...

Name - rant.blackapache.net
Identity - http://rant.blackapache.net/
Email -
URL - http://rant.blackapache.net/
Status - Trusted

Doesn't look like there's anything I can do about it at this end without manually hacking the database.

OK. Fixed your display name. I first altered your entry in the users table and republished the site. Strangely that didn't work. Then I noticed that it caches the commenter name in the comments table so a quick bit of SQL resulted in a fix!!!

Future comments should be correct since the entry in the user table now says "OJ".

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