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I last wrote about Ubuntu last year after having played with it for a while.  However, I quickly gave up on it as it never worked with our wireless network, and also my PC at the time was dying a slow and intermittent death which didn't help matters. A new PC and nearly a year later I'm trying again, this time with the newer Ubuntu 7.10. I download the CD image and burn it to a disk, then reboot and set my BIOS to boot from CD.  Up pops a menu, I pick the option to make it run the Live CD and the screen goes blank and never returns.  I try again in safe mode with the same result.  After Googling for a while (back in Windows) I discover, after a few red herrings, that the distro doesn't come with drivers for my shiny GeForce 8800 GTX.  The workaround appears to be to change the boot command line so it runs with no splash screen. This works, so I get Ubuntu installed onto my drive (Vista earns a point here for being able to resize its partition out of the box without a reboot).  I then boot to a command line so I can make the same "nosplash" hack to the GRUB boot file and setup Vista to be the default OS - as with 7.04 it simply made an assumption of the user upon install instead of asking me. In the desktop and everything seems peachy, except once again there's no driver for my wireless card (a completely different card to the one in my last PC - what are the chances???), and Googling around it looks like there isn't one at all for x64 Linux (yet).  Looks like I'll have to play with NDISwrapper again swapping back and forth between Ubuntu and Windows to get the files downloaded and installed.

Lent 2008

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Last year I avoided crisps and chocolate for 40 days.  This year I decided on fizzy drinks and caffeine. Before last Wednesday I was drinking about a dozen cans of Coke a week, sometimes more when stressed.  Then I went cold turkey. After a couple of days feeling lethargic, I'm now sleeping better, feeling more awake during the day, am less irritable and I can concentrate better.  I'm thinking of doing without caffeine and fizzy drinks on a semi-permanent basis.  I'm eating a little more, but I think that's just my body trying to make up for the lost calories. Overall I'd say this is a win! Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

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