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Elizabeth: The Golden Age

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...or not as the case may be.  This film is good, but is just missing something that would make it great. It's historically inaccurate on many counts, though that doesn't necessarily make it a bad film.  What lets it down for me is that it slowly builds and builds towards a massive climax, but it doesn't ever get there.  It's the film equivalent of a Coldplay song. Cate Blanchett is a superb and subtle actress who's worth watching in anything, though none of the other performances really stand out. The directing is adequate, and tries to be like Lord of the Rings in places, but just doesn't come close.  The pacing is all over the place too, and it feels like there's a lot cut out to make it fit in two hours. For me however, the definitive Elizabeth I is Miranda Richardson in Blackadder! Overall - could do better.

xXx 2

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Saw this the other night on Channel 5.  Surprisingly, I found myself enjoying it, despite it’s total ludicrousness and disregard for any realism. The reason I found this surprising is that I hated the first one when I saw it.  Ah well…

I’m back!

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After far too long, I've decided to start writing on my blog again. So, I hear you ask, what has happened in the meantime? Well, the big stuff first. I got married (absolutely amazing day), had a lovely honeymoon with Katherine, found out we're going to have a baby, and got a new job in Guildford which I start in just over a week (I'll divulge exactly where at the time). Married life has been just great so far and we're both really excited that we're bringing a new life into existence. Other than that? Bought a new PC (finally!), played the Orange Box to death (superb stuff, especially Portal), watched the entire of Lost Season 3 (great stuff, but a frustrating ending) and we're in the process of working out how we're gonna decorate the house. I shall hopefully be back to a more fequent blog update schedule!

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