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How to nearly kill a PC

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At the weekend I nabbed the memory out of my brother's old PC to put into mine.  Last night I opened up my PC, removed the existing 256mb in the second slot and replaced it with 512mb.  I turned it on and immediately began to smell burning. After turning the machine off quickly, the memory was too hot to touch for a little while - looks like I didn't put the memory in properly.  When I removed it a few of the metal contacts at the bottom were all burnt black and putting the old memory back in the slot didn't work.  The machine seems to not recognise memory in slot three unless there's something in the now burnt slot two so that's useless as well. Now my PC has only one working memory slot instead of three, so instead of upgrading from 768mb to 1.5gb, it's gone down to 512mb.  Fook! Maybe it's time to retire the ageing machine and get a new one...


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As part of my superb stag weekend celebrations, we went to see the new Transformers film. I wasn't expecting much. Michael Bay's films are generally average at best (apart from the superb The Rock), but I was pleasantly surprised to find Transformers is a superb action flick. It's funny, you care about the characters, and the effects are so gobsmackingly good it's like watching the bullet time stuff in The Matrix for the first time. I left the cinema thinking "Wow!". My only criticism is that the Decepticons are mostly the same dull grey metal colour so it was sometimes difficult to tell them apart in the middle of a battle. The Autobots were all distinct bright colours. Earlier in the day, I had dug out my old VHS copy of the old cartoon film, and watched it for the first time in about two decades. It's not as good as I remember it, though the cheesy rock sound track is still a treat. If the excellent new film gets a sequel, bringing Unicron and Galvatron back would be fantastic (though Rodimus Prime is the worst name ever for a Transformer). Transformers: The Movie (80s cartoon version) - 6/10. Transformers (00s live action version) - 9.5/10.

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