Stephen Fry - The Liar

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I borrowed this from a friend.  The blurb on the back says it's hilarious (which usually means it isn't), but the main thing the book left me with was bafflement. It starts out following Adrian Healey in his life as a public schoolboy in England, believing himself better than the rest, apart from one boy with whom he is in love with (though that doesn't stop him from bonking half of the rest of the school) and a teacher, Donald Trefusis who becomes his mentor.  There are interspersed a few chapters written in italics which tell tales of spying and espionage across Europe. The book continues forwards through Adrian's early life, his teaching post and his time at Cambridge University.  He tells the story of how he ran away from home and became a rent boy in London, but at the end the book leaves it ambiguous as to whether this actually happened or not. Then it gets even stranger. I'll admit I leave this book not sure I understood everything it was trying to tell me.

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