’s What Will Happen in Harry Potter 7

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I usually hate spoilers, but when Katherine borrowed this book from her sister, I couldn't resist a look.  It's a quick read that serves more as a reminder of what has happened than actually spelling out what will happen. To me, the predictions within it are mostly just common sense, and match up with my own ideas of what will happen.  It doesn't push the reader to think about things very far, making only obvious connections. I'm sure Deathly Hallows will have more to it than this book is telling me. There are other similar books, notably Dave Langford's The End of Harry Potter? which would appear to be much better researched and well written, but this is an easy read that won't stretch your brain.  I think I'll read Dave Langford's book after Harry Potter 7.

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Hope your stag doo goes well at the weekend!

So have you read it yet? Do you know how it ends?

I finished it last week :)

Still about half way through.

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