Ruddy Hell! It’s Harry and Paul

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I watched an episode of this new Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse sketch show last night on BBC2 (might have been BBC3, I can't remember), and was impressed. It's good to see a character based sketch show (in this case mostly poking fun at the class and race divides still rampant in Britain). Makes a nice change from the endless repeated catchphrases and shock value of Little Britain and Catherine Tate. Hopefully, Harry and Paul will repeat the successful formula of The Fast Show by actually evolving the characters during the series rather than endlessly repeating the same thing.

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Harry Enfield in 'still funny' shocker! It wasn't the case in the latter years of his TV shows

Or have we finally found out who's the funny one in that team, hmm?

I miss the days of The Two Ronnies - that show was complete genius.

Only one of them is still alive, and even Ronnie Corbett's little finger is funnier than Little Britain.

Yeah I know mate. I was in mourning the day Ronnie Barker died. He was the man.

harry enfield never appearered or was part of the fast show. this was a project that enabled him to write material for his own show and not for harrys

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