Wedding Photography

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It seems as soon as the word "wedding" is added to a product or service, the price goes up by an order of magnitude. We visited half a dozen potential photographers at the weekend for our forthcoming wedding in summer. The prices varied from £450 to more than £3k!!! There wasn't much correlation between quality and price either, with the best two being under £1k. The fashion these days is to replace the traditional album with a glossy printed book. These books seem to be, without exception, chock full of (often badly applied) Photoshop effects. I can see the classiness in having a black and white photo with a small feature like a flower in colour. This draws the eye to the focal point of the image rather well. What looks terrible is things like putting a cheesy radial blur around people in an image to remove a dodgy background a good photographer wouldn't have put on film in the first place. Even worse is cramming lots of photos together on the same page with a garish background so the end effect is so busy your eyes don't know where to look. We both preferred the more classic album styles. Apart from the rings, forty toasters and (of course) ourselves, the photos will likely be the only tangible reminder of the day, so we want to get this right.

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Near here there's a portrait studio, in the window they've got a photo of a mother and child except the child has been made black & white and the mother has remained in colour. The effect being the mother looking as if she's proudly picking up her happy, smiling, dead baby.

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