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My latest cinema trip was to see 300. The plot is rather simple. 300 Spartan warriors versus oodles of Persians - you can guess the rest. What is lacking in storytelling is more than made up for by the feast of visual treats. It is certainly a film of style over substance, but the style is so prevalent that it really doesn't matter. It's a film to be enjoyed on the basest level. The inevitable battle scenes are incredibly impressive. The stand out moments are the "hero" sequences. Each one a continuous shot lasting a couple of minutes which follows a single Spartan take out dozens of enemies in a mixture of slow and fast motion. It's reminiscent of the Burly Brawl in Matrix Reloaded, but far better executed. The film uses CG extensively, but it is so well integrated with the live action that it never becomes visually jarring (unlike the Matrix sequels!). It also sets a new standard for the use of colour grading in film. I wouldn't choose this as a date film as it's far too gory (unlike the similarly themed Gladiator), but otherwise I'd highly recommend a viewing.

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This movie does look pretty wicked. I might have to take the missus :)

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