It’s Pancake Day! It’s Pancake Day!

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It's P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-Pancake Day! This means I've agreed (or perhaps been lightly persuaded by Katherine) to give something up for Lent. Last year I attempted chocolate, and succeeded though found it really hard as I'm partial to a quick Mars Bar around mid afternoon. This year I've decided to try for no chocolate, crisps or cake for 40 days. Gawd 'elp me...

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That's an entire food group you're cutting out there.

I'll wager that you fail to last that long :)

No Chance!

Sounds like a new religous Keith. Scary.

Not religious, just trying to make myself less of a fat bastard.

Surely giving something up for Lent means you hold Christian values!

Trying to understand the suffering of Jesus H. Christ and all those fairy stories.....

I give up some snacks I over indulge in anyway in an attempt to lose a bit of weight and I get accused of religion! :-O

Admit it Keith, you loooove the Christ.

So if I'd given up some snacks as a new year's resolution you guys would have said "OK", and then expected me to last a week at best. There would have been no thought of me becoming religious.

At least with Lent there's a practical 40 day target to aim for which means it's more likely for me to succeed.

Why not pick a 40 days at another time in the year?

Just joshing, keith. I'm sure your being hasn't been penetrated by any kind of supreme deity.

The good news is that they you can stuff your face on Sundays as they are not counted as part of Lent.

Why not pick a 40 days at another time in the year?

Cos this means I get to stuff myself full of lovely Easter Eggs at the end of it!!!

Why not finish a few days after easter, when all the easter eggs are half price!

Actually, that's not a bad idea.

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