Burning Ring of Fire

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I saw Walk the Line on Saturday, which Katherine bought on DVD after Christmas and we just got round to watching. It tells (some of) the tale of Johnny Cash, how he got his first record deal, how he met and fell in love with June Carter, got addicted to prescription drugs, sorted himself out and eventually persuaded June to marry him. Joaquin Phoenix put in a great performance and had the voice pretty much spot on from what I could tell (though I'm no Johnny Cash expert), though the whole film felt disjoint as it seemed massive chunks of the story were missing as though it had been sanitised to keep the Cash family estate happy. There were some great moments, like when playing to the prison audience, but the film ended leaving me feeling unsatisfied.

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I didn't enjoy this movie at all. Amy loved it though. I found it so boring that I got up and fetched my book 30 mins in. It just wasn't my cup of tea.

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