A Confederacy of Dunces

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I finished reading this book last night. It was written by John Kennedy Toole and was published posthumously. This Wikipedia page describes the story of the book better than I can (the link contains some spoilers for the story). I won't give much away here, but the book is set in 1960's New Orleans and tells the tale of Ignatius J Reilly, an educated 30 year old man who lives with his mother and hates modern society completely. It's really funny and clever in places and the ending is quite satisfying - all the more so because Ignatius has no idea what is really going on half the time, preferring to blame the goddess Fortuna and the people around him for everything that is going wrong in his life. I can highly recommend giving it a read.

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Sounds crap :D

I'm with OJ on that one!

Yeah, fair enough. My description wasn't that great, but it really is a good book.

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