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Why is it that almost every shop assistant in the land insists on giving you a carrier bag for every purchase, even if you've only bought one thing? Nearly every lunchtime I have to tell staff that I'm perfectly capable of carrying a sandwich and a drink (which are already over packaged) in my hands for the two minute walk back to the office. I'm rarely asked if I want a bag first - staff automatically put things in one until I tell them not to - then they look at you as though you've just stamped on their mother's face and ask "Are you sure?". This is such a massive waste of resources. Even worse, it's a waste of time making me queue longer when I'm buying my lunch!!! Seriously though, this really pisses me off. When we go shopping in the local supermarket, we make sure we bring our own bags with us. Tesco's give out extra clubcard points for people who do this. I always refuse a bag when I'm buying anything easily carried without one. We've only got one planet, so lets stop making it a giant resourceless dump. Will you join the campaign???

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I already have :) And this exact point pisses me off constantly. At least here they generally ask if you want a bag rather than just assuming (there are exceptions of course).

It doesn't stop there - you get idiots putting small things in a small bag, which then get added to a medium sized bag, then wrapped in paper, added to another bag before they finally give it to you! It's like going through your whole Christmas wrapping just to get to a bloody kebab! Insane.

While you're on your Earth-saving mission, don't forget to try your best to reduce power consumption! No more 100W bulbs, use public transport or bikes to get to work, and for those of you in Australia: ease up on the water use! :)

My main gripe is supermarket monkeys not grasping the concept that plastic bags, despite their flimsy appearance, are incredibly strong. At my local Somerfield where they like you to pay for your goods at the ciggy counter but as a consequence pack your shopping for you; I daresay that a 6 pack of wotsits, packet of chicken and a bottle of squash isn't yet stretching maximum capacity of a bag. You can stuff them to the gills and the only sign of wear would be where the corner of a cereal packet is poking through.

I feel I must admit that I'm not a conserver of plastic bags. I've lived in houses where we have had cupboards bursting with plastic bags, for what reason no one is quite sure, it's just what they've always done. I do keep a couple around for those impromptu tidy-ups where a bin bag would be overkill.

Here, here Keith. It's yet another example of corporate madness. I'm the same with bags, and it irks me how you are given one by default, even if all you've done is bought a packet of polos or whatever. Maybe it's policy to gratuitously hand out bags in order to make it easier to track shop lifters? (You know, people just walking out with goods in their hands). Dunno, got to be a reason for it. And if they must, why not paper or biogradeable ones? It's mindblowing how much landfill space is getting squandered by these things!

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