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I've seen the first three episodes of the BBC's new Dr Who spinoff and I'm generally quite impressed. The two main characters are entertaining and interesting, though so far we don't know much about the others. The humour in it reminds me of the excellent Farscape and it's nice that they're not bothering to try to make Cardiff look like London any more, especially since the Welsh capital has such landmark (though perhaps too modern) architecture. The only problem I have with it is that the plots so far are (like Dr Who) just clichéd sci-fi staple - not exploring anything new or interesting. They keep banging on about "It all changes in the 21st century" which is promising, though hopefully it won't take 94 seasons before they reveal all... I've not checked the internet, where such things are almost certainly already known, but I'll bet anything that the Doctor himself will show up before the end of the first series (and Torchwood will no doubt continue to appear in the 3rd season of Dr Who).

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I watched this weeks episode (the one with the CyberWoman .. err I mean Human.2) and was disappointed to say the least.... lets hope this episode was a blip rather than the beginning of a downward trend...

Yeah, I don't think that episode was very good. What the hell is Human .2 anyway? By version number conventions, .2 wouldn't even count as an alpha release.

Same as Dr Who though, as soon as they try an emotional episode rather than just silly action it falls apart.

I must admit I like the way the Cyber-mechanics have a sexy sense of style, "ooh, yeah, lots of bare midriff and plenty of leg.", "Hey guys, check out this bra!", "cor! look at the nips on that!"

And it is me or is there something scary about that young bloke's mouth?

Just wondering, but what happened to U.N.I.T. from the old skool Dr Who? Weren't they the same thing as Torchwood (but a bit more military)?

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