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I couldn't sleep last night, so I decided to see what was on TV in the small hours. We have a Freeview (free to air digital TV in the UK) box so have quite a few channels to choose from. Unfortunately, it appears that in the small hours at least ten of these channels (including a couple of mainstream ones) show phone in quiz shows all night. One channel was simply showing a scantily clad woman sat on a comfy chair and people could phone or text in to chat with her (at premium rate I might add!). They didn't even appear to have any adverts as the shows seem to be paying for themselves. I wasn't expecting the best TV ever at that time, but was at least thinking there'd be a decent film or two - maybe an interesting repeat of a documentary, comedy or drama. Instead we've got the cheapest possible TV production with an apparent revenue stream from insomniacs with a phone.

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BBC Sign Zone is the one for me when I can't get to sleep in the small hours.

Do you not own a DVD player? There's fuck all on telly these days.

I share your sentiments, 'The Great British Quiz' is as much of a quiz as Deal Or No Deal is a game of cunning and skill. I now know that there is a home for all those pretty girls who want to be TV presenters. I find that they persue that career because it seems easy but mainly because it means they are the centre of attention and someone might recognise them in a club and give them a sense of self-importance. Slags.

I could have watched a DVD, but after fifteen minutes of flicking around the channels for something interesting I gave up and went back to bed.

"but after fifteen minutes of flicking"... "I gave up and went back to bed.".

You've got no stamina Keith. :)

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