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I take back what I said in this post. Torchwood is not clichéd sci-fi staple - it's utterly bonkers nonsensical tripe, though somehow it's still remarkably entertaining. The only thing of interest now plotwise is finding out just how old Jack Harkness actually is. Also, their CG artists could do with learning a thing or two about lighting - the monster fairies looked awful. We can do much better in real time on a games console these days, there's no excuse in pre-rendered stuff. Also, they didn't seem to figure out the rather obvious problem of showing a woman taking photos with a flash, which ended up somehow lit from the side. In fact, the light fairies didn't cast any light on the world at all, though I can forgive that as it's harder to do.

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The monsters did indeed look rubbish, all plasticy like they'd just come out of a box of Weetos, and with about as much imagination put in. It would have been nice if they'd taken the characteristics of traditional fairies but made them a bit psycho, but no, we get your standard big scary bat things with gargoyle heads. Yawwwn.

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