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I thought that in the last couple of years living in Guildford that I had finally escaped this pandemic taking over the country, but I've just nipped into town for something quick to eat to find North Street invaded by a whole gang of the fuckers. In the pasty shop they were pissing around shouting to each other as though no-one else was there and bullying the staff in the shop too - "Not that steak slice, this one... No, the other one." as if it makes a difference. To be fair, the staff took it well and eventually the manager (I presume) firmly asked them to quiet down or they'd be kicked out. They didn't argue then, so at least they're not quite as bad as the affliction in the country's larger cities, but still fucking annoying. I then headed outside after making my purchase and they're all hanging around at the bottom of the street shouting away, throwing their food at each other (and passers by) and making complete cunts of themselves. Of course, they're probably just trying to get their trophy ASBOs.

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Chavs really are complete arses. That's one thing that I really don't miss about being in the U.K.! For those of you who don't know what a chav is, have a browse around this site, and it should clear everything up for you :)

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