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No. I'm not going to attempt to answer the existential question in it's general sense. More specifically - What is this blog about? Some blogs I've looked at are rather boring and the average post goes something like this...
Today I awoke a little late. Had to rush to get ready. To make matters worse, I'd left my bicycle at work last Friday so I had to walk to work.
I ate a simple breakfast of Rice Krispies with milk with a glass of orange juice. Spilt some milk on the table, so lost even more time wiping it up. Grrr!
Arrived at work out of breath...
Suffice to say, I'm not going to post every little detail about my life. So what will I post? I definitely won't post about certain things.
  • Working in the games industry. It's a legal minefield and a potentially job threatening practice I'll leave to braver (or more foolhardy) souls. For the same reason I won't review anything published by EA.
  • Anything about my family or friends, unless they've given me specific permission.
So, what's left for me to post about?
  • Rants/Gushing about annoying/cool things that happen to me.
  • Reviews of books, movies, TV, games (except those published by EA), etc.
  • Comment on current affairs, both technical and general (I may be worried about pissing work off, but I've no fear about commenting on politics, religion, etc).
And anything else I can think of that may be of interest to others. I also maintain the perogative to change these rules at any point on a whim if I feel like it... ;-)

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Good to hear mate. Too many people post to their blogs for the sake of doing so despite having nothing good, interesting or important to say. I try and refrain from posting crap and meaningless rubbish, though I'm sure I don't succeed every time ;)

I look forward to hearing what you've got to say, and I also look forward to you commenting more on the bits that I like to rant about to. Next up for me: Politics in the Workplace...

... or monkey spit.. not sure yet :D

Looking forward to the film / TV reviews.

P.S. When you spilt the milk that day, did you manage to make it into work on time? Just curious, I'm sure others out there are just as keen to know the conclusion. ;)

Haha. I forgot to mention having a nice relaxing poo whilst doing a Sudoku as well. I can't remember how many sheets of toilet paper I used...

A blog about blogs. Is that post-modern?

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