Invisibility Field

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I've managed to stumble across a 100% guaranteed way to become invisible. You simply get on a bicycle and try to travel around Guildford. I've lost count of the number of times some pedestrian or driver has pulled out in front of me because they haven't seen me. I have to rely on anticipating what others are about to do to avoid being in an accident. Yes, bicycles are (nearly) silent, but that's no excuse for not bothering to look before pulling out or stepping onto the road. I see a lot of cyclists around Guildford, so it's hardly a new fangled thing no-one has ever seen before.

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Ho ho. Me has also suffered this type of phenomena. Roundabouts are a circle of death at the best of times but not helped by drivers who think 'I can just nip round him' as he cut across me, nearly depositing me at the mercy of the vehicle behind. Pedestrians are equally as clueless; my mind casts back to the comedy leap of several pavement-dwellers that had ventured into the wilderness of the road as I appraoched at speed, and I wasn't going to slow down. Of course there are those drivers that feel the cyclist belongs on the pavement. Not so. Look in the highway code. And of course there are cyclists that think they belong on the pavement in the belief that is is safer. Insania! Tell that to the child I saw soon after getting twatted by a car while crossing a junction on the pavement. The poor driver had no chance. Unfortunately the child lived to phone the ambulance while lying prostrate in the road. Another example that springs to mind was the spectacular but fleeting collision between some trackie sporting scote and a young female school pupil. I was on the bus but just managed to catch the main impact. My cycling exploits have been curtailed, however, by some crackhead twats armed with cable cutters and a knack for spotting poorly secured back gates.

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