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What’s it all about?

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No. I'm not going to attempt to answer the existential question in it's general sense. More specifically - What is this blog about? Some blogs I've looked at are rather boring and the average post goes something like this...
Today I awoke a little late. Had to rush to get ready. To make matters worse, I'd left my bicycle at work last Friday so I had to walk to work.
I ate a simple breakfast of Rice Krispies with milk with a glass of orange juice. Spilt some milk on the table, so lost even more time wiping it up. Grrr!
Arrived at work out of breath...
Suffice to say, I'm not going to post every little detail about my life. So what will I post? I definitely won't post about certain things.
  • Working in the games industry. It's a legal minefield and a potentially job threatening practice I'll leave to braver (or more foolhardy) souls. For the same reason I won't review anything published by EA.
  • Anything about my family or friends, unless they've given me specific permission.
So, what's left for me to post about?
  • Rants/Gushing about annoying/cool things that happen to me.
  • Reviews of books, movies, TV, games (except those published by EA), etc.
  • Comment on current affairs, both technical and general (I may be worried about pissing work off, but I've no fear about commenting on politics, religion, etc).
And anything else I can think of that may be of interest to others. I also maintain the perogative to change these rules at any point on a whim if I feel like it... ;-)

Invisibility Field

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I've managed to stumble across a 100% guaranteed way to become invisible. You simply get on a bicycle and try to travel around Guildford. I've lost count of the number of times some pedestrian or driver has pulled out in front of me because they haven't seen me. I have to rely on anticipating what others are about to do to avoid being in an accident. Yes, bicycles are (nearly) silent, but that's no excuse for not bothering to look before pulling out or stepping onto the road. I see a lot of cyclists around Guildford, so it's hardly a new fangled thing no-one has ever seen before.

Hello world!

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Welcome to my musings. I'm gonna use this page to pour out any random stuff that comes into my head. I'm using WordPress for now (recommended by OJ), but I might get round to writing my own software later so I can make it fit in nicer with the rest of the site. Enjoy!

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